snow car
The busiest mountain pass in Washington state has received several feet of snow in less than a week and more snow is in the forecast.

The state Department of Transportation tweeted that, over the past five days, Snoqualmie Pass had received 77 inches of snow that forced the closure of Interstate 90 on several occasions. Three more inches have fallen so far Thursday for a total of 80 inches - or 6.67 feet - of snow.

Going back to Jan. 1, an impressive 117 inches of snow have fallen so far this year at Snoqualmie Pass. That's only three inches shy of 10 feet.

Gusty winds have also been reported at the summit, making travel even more treacherous. And forecasters predict more snow through the weekend.

Currently, traction tires are required at Snoqualmie Pass, and chains are required for vehicles over 10,000 pounds gross weight.

Meanwhile, Stevens Pass has received 73 inches of snow since Saturday, or 6.1 feet. Since the beginning of the year, 142 inches have fallen at Stevens Pass, for 11.8 feet of snow.

Currently, Stevens Pass is closed from the Skykomish area to the summit due to danger from falling trees and other hazards.