hong kong protester
© Reuters / Tyrone Siu
An anti-government protester throws a molotov cocktail during clashes with police, outside Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)

Comment: The following documentary explains plainly the real issues behind the Hong Kong arrests, which mainstream western media would prefer you didn't know about.

As Hong Kong's anti-government movement continues to rage, RT looks into what sparked the unrest, the dire social inequality problems that fuel it, and how forces in Washington exploited this public discontent for their own ends.

Having personally witnessed brutal clashes and spoken to key figures on both sides of the barricades, RT America's Michele Greenstein paints a comprehensive picture of the protest's origins and handlers.

The contentious extradition bill, which was the catalyst for the uprising this summer, served only as a pretext, while its nature was grossly misinterpreted. It doesn't mean that the islanders - suffocated by prosaic issues like high prices, poor housing conditions, and declining employment prospects for graduates, rather than a lack of 'democracy' - have nothing to be angry about.

Yet the demonstrators never challenged Hong Kong's own authorities over this social inequality, directing their rage solely at mainland China - all while destroying their own city and virtually begging the US to sanction it, just to hurt Beijing.

With young and progressive leaders of the Hong Kong uprising cheered as noble 'pro-democracy' warriors and welcomed in the US with open arms, Washington isn't even trying to hide the fact that the protests have been hijacked to demonize and destabilize its main economic rival - China.

"The original movement has been eroded. Now it's just about opposition to Chinese government and the subversion of state power," says Stanley Ng Chau-pei, president of the Federation of Trade Unions, the largest labor and political group in Hong Kong.

It's a 'color revolution'

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