Three killed and five injured after wasps attack a family

Three killed and five injured after wasps attack a family
Three men lost their lives and five more were injured after a family of eight was returning from a funeral and was attacked by a swarm of angry wasps in China. The members of the Pang family were returning from a cremation ceremony of a family member of November 17 when the tragic incident took place.

The two men who were attacked by the aggressive wasps were reported dead on the spot. One of the two men was a 70-year-old lost his life due to severe allergic reaction caused by the wasp stings. All the injured people were taken to the nearby local hospital, Xingye People's Hospital. The hospital authorities declared that two men of ages 60 and 87 died due to anaphylactic shock.

The five people who survived the bee stings were then shifted to Yulin First People's Hospital according to the reports of international media. The Xingye country officials who take charge of the southern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region informed that one of the survivors is still in serious condition.

More wasps attacks

According to the official reports the incident did not take place for the first time. There have been several incidents in the past when the angry wasps killed people. In October 2013, a huge deadly swarm of wasps killed 42 people in China. In another incident, the wasps stung a tourist guide in Thailand as well.