Mount Pueblan
© MohamMed HamMouki
Mount Pueblan
With an alpine style architecture and Middle Atlas Mountains, Ifrane is celebrating its first snow drops during this year's winter season.

The inhabitants of the city woke up on Saturday, November 16 to find their city covered with snow.

Morocco's weather office had issued a statement earlier this week announcing a cold wave with snowfall in several cities, including Ifrane.

Drop in temperatures led to the first snowfall in the Moroccan town, covering its roads and poplar trees.

With its snow-covered evergreens and steep-peaked houses, the city traditionally experiences heavy snowfalls in January.

The drop in temperatures, however, made it possible for citizens to celebrate Morocco's favorite winter wonderland for snow lovers as early as mid-November.

But the story of early snowfalls is not all roses; the charm of a snow-soaked town or city comes with its own risks and challenges for day-to-day life. Despite the natural beauty of wild snow-covered roads, Moroccan authorities have taken precautionary measures to deal with drop in temperatures and heavy snowfalls in Ifrane and other snowy provinces.

Fresh early snow in Ifrane, Morocco.
© Ghizlane Tbeur
Fresh early snow in Ifrane, Morocco.
In a recent interview, Younes El Mesini, Irfane's provincial director of equipment, transport, logistics and water spoke about the region's reparation to cope with the effects of cold wave, especially in mountainous areas.

He told Maghreb Arab Press (MAP) hat these operations started recently, "with the maintenance of snow removal equipment and the reinforcement of telecommunication means, as well as the supply of tools for the treatment and acceleration of snowmelt."

The region's authorities will mobilize 60 icebreakers, 13 bulldozers and 12 ambulances.