Dallas tornado
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A violent tornado struck North Dallas on Sunday night, causing a convenience store to collapse and damaging several other structures. Dramatic video posted on social media captured the mammoth twister with winds estimated at 111mph
A violent tornado tore through Dallas on Sunday night, leveling buildings, tossing trailers and cutting power to thousands of homes.

A Tornado Watch was issued across most of North Texas as the weather phenomenon tore through the state with wind speeds of up to 111mph.

The National Weather Service confirmed that a twister touched down near Love Field Airport just before 9pm before moving approximately 17 miles northeast through the city as residents of Dallas and Ellis counties were warned to take shelter.

Social media was flooded with dramatic photos and videos of the tornado descending from the sky as users expressed shock over the sudden storm at the end of a sunny fall weekend.

NWS meteorologist Jason Godwin said the size and severity of the tornado won't be known until daylight comes Monday morning.

Local news outlets reported that several structures in North Dallas had been damaged, including a convenience store that collapsed when struck by unrelenting winds.

A clerk at the store reported that everyone who was inside the building made it out unscathed.

Dallas resident Tina Delvin said she and her family managed to get out of their home safely but that the structure was a 'total loss'.

'I heard all the snapping of the trees and the wind blowing, and so I climbed into this bedroom closet, and just as I got in there, the roof blew off,' Devlin told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.

'I just thank God we're alive. I haven't cried any — I've just been panicked.'

CBS 11 Chief Meteorologist Scott Padgett said that based on the damage that has already been reported, the tornado brought wind speeds of up to 111mph.

The Dallas Police Department said officers went door-to-door checking on residents in affected neighborhoods.

Former President George Bush and his wife Laura live in the area. A spokesperson confirmed that the first couple were not harmed in the tornado and said they sent their prayers to all who were.

There were no confirmed injuries as of midnight, but fire officials said they were responding to multiple calls about people injured by broken glass.

More than 112,000 Oncor customers lost power due to the storms, according to the firm's website.

The Dallas Independent School District said several campuses sustained 'significant damage' and will be closed on Monday.

The weather did not affect the Dallas Cowboys' football game against the Philadelphia Eagles in Arlington, to the west of Dallas.

Officials said the severe weather watch would remain in effect until 2am CST in North Texas as tornadoes, high winds and large hail were forecasted across parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri.