Noel Gallagher
© Reuters / Henry Nicholls
British musician Noel Gallagher
British singer Noel Gallagher has given a brutal assessment of UK MPs, branding them "a f***ing disgrace" over their handling of Brexit.

The former guitarist of legendary British rock band Oasis gave a damning verdict on the state of UK parliamentary politics in his 'First We Feast - Hot One' interview. " He didn't hold back in showing his contempt for UK lawmakers.
They're a f***ing disgrace, the politicians and that. I mean most politicians anyway are a disgrace. The ones in England have not covered themselves in glory over the past two years.
Despite revealing that he thinks Brexit is "the biggest load of s**t ever" and a "stupid backward step" for the UK, Gallagher insists that the country needs to get on with respecting the result of the referendum.

"The majority of people democratically voted for it... but the politicians are trying to make it not happen," the 52-year old Mancunian added.

The High Flying Birds frontman who formed Oasis with his brother Liam in the early 1990s, to worldwide acclaim, is no stranger to voicing his views on the state of British politics.

He's been a consistent critic of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who he deems a "communist." Gallagher was one of the many celebrities to accept an invitation from Tony Blair to attend an event in 10 Downing Street, following the controversial New Labour prime minister's election victory in 1997.