Google outage
A Google search outage had users panicked around the world as their search queries returned "internal server errors," forcing them to use DuckDuckGo or (shudder) Bing - or take to social media to complain.

Internet users worldwide found themselves plunged into unexpected darkness as their Google queries returned...nothing. Only a mysterious server error where once there had been answers.

Rushing to Twitter to see who else was suffering in this 21st century dark age, they found temporary solace in the fact that they were not alone - the outage appeared to be widespread, with no explanation available other than a promise that "engineers have been notified and are working to resolve the issue."

"I'm just trying to do homework and it's doing this," complained one user. "But why is the google broken? did the internet break?" pondered another.

Others promoted competing search engines. "Use bing, I guess," said one adventurous user.

As would-be Googlers commiserated, the search engine came back to life for many, with those who hadn't Googled anything in the intervening hour none the wiser about how close they had come to extinction. According to DownDetector, however, some users continued to have issues two hours after the first ominous reports.