Flash floods and landslides in Bulambuli District, Eastern Uganda, August 2019.
Flash floods and landslides in Bulambuli District, Eastern Uganda, August 2019.
Heavy rain caused a river to overflow triggering a deadly landslide in Bulambuli District is a district in Eastern Uganda.

Uganda Red Cross said landslides and flooding had affected several areas of Bulambuli District, including Nabiwutulu, Gimadu Bugatiisa and Buluganya from 27 August, adding, "Our response team is on ground to conduct assessment, establish magnitude of the disaster and the needs of the people affected."

Local media reported that 5 people were missing, feared dead, after landslides buried houses and flooding from the River Kajere. Uganda Red Cross confirmed that 1 person had died in Bukhatisi village, Bulago sub county in Bulambuli District.

The Department of Disaster Preparedness and Management issued a disaster alert for Bugisu sub-region in Eastern Uganda, which includes Bulambuli District. The department said:
"Above normal rains falling in Bugisu subregion causing massive floods and landslides. The situation will persist up to end of October. Persons living in risky steep slope and close to river banks are strongly urged to relocate and stay in homes of friends and relatives in safer locations upto end of October. Floods expected in Kampala, Teso, Kigezi, some areas of Acholi and Bukedi.

"Do not drive, ride or walk across flooded roads or bridges with running waters one foot or 30 centimeters high. Wait it takes 15 to 20 minutes to clear."
At least 5 people died after a series of landslides in the Eastern Region of Uganda in early June this year.

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