Alec Baldwin
© REUTERS/Andrew Kelly
Alec Baldwin, you are a talented and likeable actor, but why do so many of your political pronouncements sound like you are trying to sabotage your own side?

I mean why in the world would you just tweet, "The Russians killed Epstein. They're in charge of everything now."

Do you know something that we are trying to guess? Or are you a sleuth one step ahead of us?

You did play Detective Bill Ramstead, and Detective McCutcheon in the past two years. You were also a senior NSA official in Mercury Rising, and even the director of the CIA in Mission Impossible.

Maybe you developed a nose for it, or retained some high-placed links at the agency, feeding you inside info.

If so, perhaps you would like to elaborate. You've definitely got our attention.

Or is this satire?

I won't list your numerous comedy credits, you give a funny interview, and do a mean Trump impression.

Maybe you are inhabiting the role of a paranoid Democratic conspiracy theorist who blames even the most random of unfortunate coincidences on the dark hand of the Kremlin.

If so, this is very convincing.

However, if you wrote this in earnest, and you think that you know this stuff just because you KNOW IT, then I am not just bemused. I am a little disheartened.