Eksperti optužili Ukrajinu za falsifikovanje dokaza o padu aviona MH17
The Malaysian authorities say they have not received full details of the investigation from the countries concerned and suspected its veracity.

Malaysian Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah has called on the international community to dismiss the unfounded accusations against Russia of the MH17 crash, Izvestya reported.

According to the diplomat, ongoing investigations worry Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia requests access to all information obtained by the countries involved in the investigations.

The minister also called for investigations to be opened, while investigating countries denied Malaysian representatives full participation in the investigation.

Saifuddin fears that some investigation data will be hidden from Malaysia.

Although the investigations have not yet been completed, some Western countries have already [pronounced guilt], the minister recalled.

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad criticized the position of the US, Netherlands and Australia in the case. For him, the countries mentioned are not interested in finding out the truth about the accident, but in only blaming Russia for political reasons.

"We are very sad because, from the outset, everything was treated as a political move to accuse Russia," Mahathir told Bloomberg in an interview.