New Zealand quake
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The Ministry of Civil Defence Management and GNS Science in New Zealand are currently investigating the possibility of a tsunami hitting the country following the colossal quake.

The earthquake hit the Kermadec Islands, approximately 620 miles northeast of New Zealand. The colossal quake hit at 11.54pm BST (11.54am local time) according to the USGS.

The New Zealand Civil Defense released a statement saying: "We are assessing whether the M7.4 Kermadec Islands region earthquake poses any tsunami threat to New Zealand.

"If a tsunami has been generated it is not likely to arrive in New Zealand for at least two hours."

The USGS reported that the quake had a depth of 21 miles.

The epicentre was around 93 miles (150km) from L'Esperance rock halfway between New Zealand and Tongo.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said: "Based on the preliminary earthquake parameters, hazardous tsunami waves are possible for coasts located within 300 kilometres of the earthquake epicentre."

Following that statement, the New Zealand Civil Defense announced that there was no tsunami threat to the country.

They said: "There is no tsunami threat to New Zealand following the M7.0 Kermadec Islands region earthquake.

"Based on current information, the initial assessment is that the earthquake is unlikely to have caused a tsunami that will pose a threat to NZ."