© Andrei Tkachev/TASS
The snow cover is 12 cm deep

Two months' worth of snow fell in the city of Salekhard in Russia's Yamalo-Nenets Region overnight into Friday, a spokesperson for the city administration told TASS.

"We got two months' worth of precipitation. The new snow cover is 12 cm deep, yet the monthly average is six centimeters. It just keeps snowing," she said.

According to the city administration's website, the bad weather will continue on May 25, with wind gusts of up to 18-23 meters per second. Night temperatures will fall to minus 1-3 degrees Celsius (26-30 degrees Fahrenheit), rising to 1-3 degrees Celsius (33-37 degrees Fahrenheit) during the daytime.

Earlier reports said that due to the snowfall, Salekhard Airport had temporarily stopped to receive and send flights. The ferry service between Salekhard and the city of Labytnangi was suspended.