Tornado Ballinger Texas Mau 2019

Ominous moment caught on camera where a strong tornado slowly starts approaching Ballinger in West Texas.
A large tornado was filmed moving across a field in Texas as powerful thunderstorms sweep through the Great Plains. With tornado season in full swing, more than a dozen states have experienced outbursts of severe weather.

The imposing twister was spotted in the town of Ballinger in Runnels County, central Texas, making its way across an empty field. Several structures can be seen in the background but it was unclear how far they were from the tornado.

Dozens of tornados were reported in the US this week, along with powerful thunderstorms and "golf ball-sized" hailstones. Overall, 18 states, from Texas to South Dakota, experienced severe winds.

Last month, five people died from the destruction caused by tornadoes in Texas and Louisiana.