man with bag
© REUTERS/Jim Young
A man with bags of food that were donated to him at the Emergency Assistance Program.
The Trump administration wants to redefine the poverty level, which would kick hundreds of thousands with marginal incomes off welfare, while simultaneously reducing poverty rates in America.

The trick would involve changing the way inflation is calculated for yearly adjustments of the income threshold for receiving assistance like food stamps, and was first spotted by Bloomberg. The Trump administration is again determined to hurt those already living on the brink, comedian Lee Camp says in the latest installment of Redacted Tonight.
"It's like you see someone drowning and instead of helping them you redefine them as not drowning, but instead heading off to a watery vacation that will last forever. Then you can happily go on with your day without worrying about your loafers getting wet."
Camp also discusses how Vice news turned from a 'hipster bible' into an imperialist propaganda machine, the US invasion of Venezuelan Embassy, America's failure to commit to reducing plastic waste, and much more.