man and dog
© YouTube / Хроника Туркменистана
The outlandish president of Turkmenistan is known for many random things - drag racing, singing, DJing - but it appears gifting puppies for no apparent reason is now cemented among his growing list of traits.

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov appeared in a creative piece of footage shot by state media to show a "day in the life" of the extravagant president. A heavy day in office apparently includes riding a horse, playing with puppies, writing a book about the Turkmen Shepherd, and finally gifting the military with said puppies.

Gifting pets appears to be a pleasant pastime for the president who also famously gave Russian President Vladimir Putin a puppy for his birthday.

Berdimuhamedov has been the president of the Central Asian country for seven years after parliament amended the constitution to allow him to serve unlimited terms in the single-party state.

Known for his masterfully edited productions, the spotlight-loving leader has previously appeared on state TV using DJ decks, rapping in a music video with his grandson, serenading energy plant workers, and winning a horse race (though this was somewhat marred by an embarrassing tumble for the president).