Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko makes the announcement while addressing supporters in Kyiv on January 29.
National Police and SBU accused of conspiring against national security

The Kiev District Administrative Court is looking at prohibiting President Petro Poroshenko from being able to leave the country.

According to the press service of the court, in addition to the "guarantor" himself, the head of the presidential administration Igor Reinin and the first deputy chairman of the BPP faction Igor Kononenko may be barred from leaving the country .

It is noted that the District Administrative Court of Kiev received a lawsuit from the TV presenter of 1 + 1 Oleksandr Dubinsky against the National Police, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Administration of the State Border Service.

The lawsuit claims that the National Police and SBU was not attentive and accuses them of inaction to protect the national security of Ukraine, as unlawful. Third parties are Poroshenko, Rainin and Kononenko. In particular, the plaintiff asks the court to forbid Poroshenko, Rainin and Kononenko to go abroad for 1 year after the parliamentary and presidential elections.

Among other requirements of the suit is the recognition of the unlawful inactivity of the National Police and the Security Service of Ukraine on the failure of preventive actions to prevent corruption and encroachment on the economic security of the state by the above-mentioned persons.

At the moment, the court examines the materials of the claim and resolves the issue of opening the proceedings.

Vladimir Zelensky, who had previously won the presidential elections in Ukraine, ironically complained that Poroshenko does not want to hand over power.
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