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"Wow, it's a great pleasure and honor to hear you. Happy New Year, Jens, I'm so glad to hear your voice." - a tipsy Poroshenko on New Year's Eve, thinking he was talking to the head of NATO.

Nikki Haley isn't the only Russophobe to be played a fool by Russian pranksters, now Poroshenko takes his turn, on more than one occasion.

Poroshenko reveals that he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

Just three weeks after being fooled by them, he shows his gullibility again when they call pretending to the Nato Secretary General wishing him a happy New Year.

They even called him up with the same phone number.

Here is a clip about the most recent call taken from Russian TV News with transcript below, the second clip with transcript follows below it.


Pyotr Poroshenko was unexpectedly wished a Happy New Year by Russian pranksters. Vovan and Lexus revealed the details of their new prank.


They said that the Ukrainian President had looked forward to receiving greetings from the heads of state and international organizations. Thus, even in the midst of celebrations, when it was 12:30 am in Kiev, Poroshenko readily answered a cell phone call.

Lexus Recording:

- Hello, Mr. President. It's Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General.


- Wow, it's a great pleasure and honor to hear you. Happy New Year, Jens, I'm so glad to hear your voice.


- How are you doing tonight?


- Just fine, thank you, my friend. I wish you all the best and thank you for the call-it's very important to me.
In the end, Jens Stoltenberg's voice asked Pyotr Poroshenko not to drink too much vodka and gorilka on New Year's Eve. The tone was the answer. Seemingly, the head of Ukraine refused to give such promises.

Three weeks prior to the new year, they called him, he accuses his old college friend Saakashvili of being a Russian spy.

Here is a clip on the first conversation that is also taken from Russian TV news with transcript below.


Today, Pyotr Poroshenko talked about Saakashvili on the phone. He thought he was talking with someone from the Georgian special services. It turned out, that it was in fact the famous pranksters Vovan and Lexus, who called the Ukrainian leader. This isn't the first time that Poroshenko was fooled over the phone. Let me remind you that a year ago, the pranksters fooled him by introducing themselves as one of the CIS state's presidents.

Stanislav Bernvald will tell us about how simple it is to get through to the Ukrainian leader.


Reporting on his successes in the fight against his political opponent, Mikhail Saakashvili, to the alleged Georgian Prime Minister, Giorgi Kvirikashvili, the Ukrainian leader was once again fooled by the famous pranksters Vovan and Lexus. A silent fool would be wiser.

- Hello, my friend.

- Hi, I'm glad to hear from you!

- What's happening there?

- Nothing. We found the connection between Mikhail Saakashvili and the Russian special services. They financed him. We caught them red-handed. Now we're pressing charges against them.


In the conversation with the alleged Georgian official, Poroshenko threatens Saakashvili with proceedings and an investigation, although he promises not to apply harsh measures to the bothersome Georgian. But Poroshenko is sure that now he has strong evidence that the former Georgian president is a secret agent implanted by the Kremlin.

- The prosecutor held a press conference, showed video and audio. Showed the transfer of the money, showed his conversations with the oligarchs. It's horrible and disgusting.

- And who gave him the money? Kurchenko?

- Yes, Kurchenko. He's in charge of the confiscation and requisition of our property in occupied Donbass, and then he finances some of his campaigns with the same money.

- What for? What's the point for him?

- The point is to destabilize the political situation in the country.

- Would Putin do this? Why would he finance this?

- For Putin, the worse the situation in Ukraine is, the better.

Vladimir Kuznetsov, prankster:

"Before that, we called the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia on behalf of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Avakov and agreed on whether Saakashvili would be extradited. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia asked us not to extradite Saakashvili to Georgia because Georgia doesn't need him. And then, in five minutes, we came up with a similar idea, to call Poroshenko."


Surprisingly, it turned out to be easy for the pranksters to reach the Ukrainian leader.

Vladimir Kuznetsov:

"Since we have already called President Poroshenko twice, we had his contacts. But another question is that there are protocol peculiarities, and that the conversation needs to be coordinated. But we just randomly dialed this number, and surprisingly, we didn't have to undergo verification and so on, we got straight to Poroshenko's office."


Surprisingly, Poroshenko suggested that they continue the conversation either through the special state line or, interestingly, through a mobile application, and discuss the future of Saakashvili there. Not to be listened in on.

- Is there a closed telephone line? Maybe we can talk in WhatsApp?

- Yes, we can talk in WhatsApp. But I'm not going to discuss anything that important now. I just wanted to know...

- Look, maybe we can talk in a couple of hours, in the evening? I'll already have more information and I'll tell you.

- Listen, about Misha, are you going to send him to us?

- We'll see.

- We don't need him here. We agreed on this.

- Yes, yes, we'll be in coordination.


And then, the poet's soul couldn't stand it anymore, as they say, Ostap got carried away, and it was impossible to stop him. When Poroshenko finally realized that he was being fooled once again, he immediately forget about political correctness.

- He also says that you drink too much.

- I'm sorry, what?

- Misha says that you drink a lot, I read this in his interview. That you drink gorilka after hawthorn.

- I got it. Go to hell, okay?

- Same to you!


According to the pranksters, who fooled the Ukrainian president not for the first time, it was a year ago that the special services of Ukraine promised to strengthen the telecommunications security of their president. However, as practice shows, neither the protocol service nor the Security Service of Ukraine, so far, can manage to punish two telephone hooligans with whom Petr Poroshenko is always ready to talk heart to heart.