Over the last few millennia wise men in just about every great civilization held life to be a bio-electrical or vibrational energy phenomenon. Their great healers both spiritual and physical instinctively knew that there was a life energy, and that to be well and healthy, this had to be kept in balance.

This bio-electrical or vibrational energy has gone by different names; Elan Vital, Ki, Prana or simply Life Energy. But healers and wise men throughout the ages knew it was a circulating energy and that good health, vigor and happiness depended on a free flow of this energy through one's body.

Each of these cultures core healing arts are based on the concept of balanced or free energy flowing through distinct channels within the human body;
  • Thai Healers call these channels Sen lines.
  • Ayurvedic practitioners call these channels Nadi.
  • Traditional Chinese and Japanese call these channels
People have been healed according to these oriental sciences for over 3000 years now, and only the recent Western scientist, thoroughly devoted to the purely physical nature of man, has denied the bio-electrical nature and spiritual connection to the human body. But even now this is starting to change.

If one takes a step back, decides to be objective and regards the human body as a vessel of the spirit or soul it would only make sense that a more refined system is needed for a life energy or bio-energetic wavelength to interact with a physical body, a system that responds to energetic input.

Maybe we shouldn't judge Western scientists so harshly, as the tools they have worked with for the last century have only recently become refined enough to start looking at these systems.

One of the great western works that became aware of the bio-electrical nature of the human body The Body Electric1, Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life by Robert O. Becker, M.D., and Gary Selden was one of the first Western works to explore and thoroughly establish that it was not just nerve channels determining growth or wellness.
"Everything electrical stems from the phenomenon of charge. No one knows exactly what this is, except to say that it's a fundamental property of matter that exists in two opposite forms, or polarities, which we arbitrarily call positive and negative." - The Body Electric
This understanding is probably the best "western" scientific statement of the ancient oriental wisdom expressed as yin and yang, positive and negative energy.

Body electric
The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation Of Life, by Robert Becker (Author), Gary Selden (Author)
In fact, The Body Electric is a meticulous documentation that the nerve theory is incomplete, and that the electrical channels within the body have a far greater impact upon healing than nerve channels.

The research detailed in this book also documents the electrical conductance of Meridians as detailed in acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine. They were able to measure an increased electrical conductance along the meridian channels described thousands of years ago by the oriental sages and healers. Of particular note was their discovery that even when nerve channels were entirely missing, healing would still occur. This conclusively proved that Western theory was incomplete.

The research detailed in The Body Electric led directly to the development of the Iontophoretic (healing through low voltage electrical pulses or frequencies) system for stimulation of tissue healing and regeneration, which all by itself has produced remarkable and miraculous results.

Another important Western work is The Stress of life by professor Hans Selye, M.D.2 this work first published in 1956 discovered that "stress is an important element of all disease". Over 500 page of research clearly demonstrate this fact, and here again is the discovery that nerve channels are not essential to healing, but that a far more refined system is at work, that emotional stress (negative bio-energy) is capable of inducing disease and that the lack of emotional stress, positive emotion and feeling of wellbeing (positive bio-energy) greatly influence recovery.

Both of these works The Body Electric, Electromagnetism and the foundation of life and The Stress of Life provide nearly a thousand pages of meticulous research establishing proof and validity of the ancient wisdom contained in the oriental healing methods based on bio-energy, ki, nadi, sen lines and meridians. They are however incomplete in that they do not provide a full explanation. They are however the fundamental starting point and reveal many underlying mechanisms that need more research.

Since these works, science has advanced and the tools available for research are now far more powerful and refined. If these scientists would have had access to the Atomic Force Microscope or the Electrostatic Force microscope they would have been able to tell us a lot more. However, the torch of research was passed on and the search for the exact nature and proof of the underlying mechanism of this ancient knowledge was continued by others.
Progression of microscopes as technology developed to into more powerful tools of research.
Prof. Kwang-Sup Soh, director of SNU's (Seoul National University) Biomedical Physics Lab. for Korean Medicine was able to photograph fine threadlike channels underneath the skin, which some claim to be "Meridian channels". He did so with the use of the Electrostatic Force Microscope. His team used a dextrose solution to enlarge the vessels and injected fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles into the acupuncture points of mice. This revealed a fine thread-like fluid filled network independent of nerve channels and blood vessels. Key here is that this fine network consists of a clear fluid. It explains why this was so hard to detect and remained undiscovered for so long as a clear microscopic fluid network is basically invisible and almost undetectable among the rest of our cells. Whether it is the meridian network or not is still debated.

meridian channels
Prof. Kwang-Sup Soh, director of SNU’s (Seoul National University) Biomedical Physics Lab. for Korean Medicine. Injection of fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles into the acupuncture points of mice to identify what they thought to be evidence of meridian channels
This discovery becomes even more impressive if you consider that at this time the science of water or fluids was still lagging, and that the structure and properties of water was not yet fully understood.

In 2013 even more research breakthroughs on the nature and structure of water done at Washington University by Professor Gerald H. Pollack was published in the book The Fourth Phase of Water, Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor4. This research provides further insights as to how such a fluid channel could structure, as the research detailed by Professor Polack, definitively shows that water is capable of forming into a semi-solid state and provides sound theory of how water molecules can arrange into ordered structures capable of better conductivity.

Professor Pollack's work provides sound theory that has practical application and provides new insights which can be observed in the real world. Professor Polack demonstrates that water, under the right conditions can structure in hexagonal layers and that these layers are capable if stacking and forming structures.
© www.pollacklab.orgGerald H. Pollack, PhD Professor Bioengineering, “The Fourth Phase of Water”.
An earlier study done in 2008 at Harvard University provides clear visible evidence of this type of structuring through a photograph of this phenomenon using the electron diffraction method. Scientists at Harvard successfully photographed the hexagonal structuring of water. This picture without a doubt shows the water ordered in hexagonal structure.
McGeoch JE, McGeoch MW – J R Soc Interface (2008), Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University
© McGeoch JE, McGeoch MW – J R Soc Interface (2008), Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University
With clear evidence fully in place by some of our highest and most credible institutions we can now look at things differently. Professor Gerald. H Pollack postulated the possibility of water, H2O molecules, stacking in helical arrangements, a structure favored by and used by nature itself in the formation of life as seen in DNA.
© www.pollacklab.orgGerald H. Pollack, PhD Professor Bioengineering, “The Fourth Phase of Water”.
Another independent Laboratory in the United States, doing its own highly specialized research into the Nano structure of water provided the proof that helical structures were formed in nature by H2O and that these were solid and permanent. Photographs produced with an Atomic Force Microscope show an unmistakable double helix structure forming in threadlike objects, these objects created entirely out of H2O molecules. These stable water clusters do not disintegrate or melt even at the boiling temperatures, nor are they affected by being frozen or thawed. They are permanent hence they are called Stable Water Clusters.
Stable table Water Cluster
Stable table Water Cluster photographed by D&Y laboratories with an Atomic Force Microscope. ELSEVIER, Physics Letters A Volume 373, Issue 42, 12 October 2009, Pages 3872-3876, Evidence for the existence of stable-water-clusters at room temperature and normal pressure.
The ancient meridian theory claims a network of electrically conductive channels independent of all other biological networks in the body (The Huang-Di Nei-Jing Document6).

Since the threadlike stable water cluster structures are more electrically conductive and line up electrically, it is feasible that they could form conduits throughout the body that is a high speed energy network. Is such a network capable of conducting bio-energy or qi? Are we looking at the actual building blocks of Sen lines, Nadi or Meridians? Is there any merit to this theory?

Meridian channels made out of stable water clusters?
Meridian channels made out of stable water clusters?
Stable Water clusters are crystalline by nature, but made entirely out of H2O molecules, they are solid at room temperature. It is quite possible that billions of these crystals could form into a microscopic network under the skin surface to form an intricate energy network through which electrical energy, qi or bio-energy can easily travel. Since meridian lines and acupoints can be measured on the body this could be a structural explanation for the meridian network in the body.

Is there practical evidence for this theory?

While it is very hard to make factual claims at this point, it is notable that Stable Water Clusters produce a similar effect to acupuncture treatment. In fact, Stable Water Clusters put into a cream base are frequently used on acupoints and produce a similar effect to acupuncture treatment when used this way.

Since the treatment through the use of meridian channels presupposes that these channels can be blocked or interrupted, there must be a physical structure through which bio-energy travels that can get broken, either through too much energy or negative energy. The threadlike Double Helix Structures made out of crystalized microscopic H2O, provide a logical explanation for an almost undetectable network, that can carry energy and can be broken or interrupted and easily repaired. Water is the one of the most essential substances to the human body and is still one of the least scientifically understood and explored substances. The discovery that it can transform into a crystal microscopic object at room temperatures with electrical properties needed for rapid conductance of energy opens a new dimension in our understanding of the human body.

One of thousands of images taken showing before and after the administration of Stable Water Clusters.
Another anecdote that possibly lends credence to this theory is the historical use of healing crystals, while these are much larger, it's the energy wavelength of the crystals that soothe the body and soul. Knowing that water which makes up to 60 percent of our body composition has the ability to form into similar matter on a much finer level is another dot with which to connect the lines between spirit mind and body.

Finally, stable water clusters, better known under its brand name Double Helix Water, have been used for over a decade by natural and integrative practitioners in order to treat a variety of conditions. Several articles have appeared in Acupuncture Today, detailing the treatment and support of the meridian system in order to activate the self-healing network of the body.

Thousands of thermal images have been taken, both before and after the administration of stable water clusters to balance the meridian system. Invariable about 15 to 20 minutes later, there is a noticeable change in temperatures of afflicted areas of the body over a wide variety of disrelated conditions. While it is too early to make conclusions, a prevailing theory, especially among the oriental practitioners is that the meridian channels are repaired and unblocked through stable water clusters.

The results of course have attracted the attention of other notable healers in different fields. One such notable healers is C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD Founding President, American Holistic Medical Association who stated the following after doing a small study which remains unpublished:
"Stable water clusters may produce a significant enhancement of immune function in human beings. Larger studies should be done with perhaps a broader overview of immune function.

"Dysfunctions of the immune system are major factors in allergies, autoimmune diseases, cancer and even atherosclerosis and diabetes. The implications for immune health are obvious."7
This study was however outside of the setting of meridian or energy channels. To those of us familiar with meridians and how blockages affect a wide variety of conditions, including immune dysfunction, the results are self-explanatory.

Two separate studies8,9 conducted in vitro at UCLA by B. Bonavida, Ph.D. Professor at UCLA (notable for his work in Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics) further demonstrate extensive immune response induced by stable water clusters. One of his experiments claims the immune response is prompted by an increased production of mRNA (Messenger RNA). This would tend to indicate that stable water clusters influence the body at a genetic level.

While these gene level manipulation's would be an explanation from a purely western perspective, it is not a definitive answer. Mainly because of the speed with which immune system changes are observed with stable water clusters. Physiological changes can be observed in less than 15 minutes after stable water clusters are consumed. This requires a cell to cell communication mechanism through trillions of cells in the human body in a fraction of that time period so that the immune response can start to work and then be observed in a measurement 15 minutes later. This again points us back to a body energy network that operates faster than pure bio-chemistry- the meridian system or bioenergy network.

I hope you have found the above information interesting and that it expands your knowledge and understanding of the wisdom hard won by ancient sages. It is a testament to their attuned-ness to life energy, nature and the cosmos that they were able to know so much without the tools we have available to us today.

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