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A "fake news" shirt being sold by Bloomingdale's has been removed from the store's selling floor.
Bloomingdales apologized on Monday for selling a "fake news" shirt in stores and confirmed the item was removed from the department store's selling floor.

"Hey @Bloomingdales, this isn't funny or fashionable," Allison Kaden, a reporter for WPIX, tweeted on Sunday alongside a photo of the clothing item. "It further delegitimizes hard working journalists who bring REAL news to their communities."

The photo shows a mannequin wearing the bright yellow shirt, which displays "FAKE NEWS" in faded red letters at a store in White Plains, New York, according to Kaden. The phrase became popular after President Trump used the words to describe negative news coverage.

A spokesperson for Bloomingdales told Fox News on Monday that the shirt "was immediately removed from our selling floor and we apologize to anyone who found this t-shirt distressing."

It was unclear how long the shirt had been sold and at how many stores. The top was not listed for sale on the department store's website.