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The Anglo-European monopolization of Africa as a cash cow may soon be at an end. Until then, however, Africans will have to stomach the never-ending distortions of truth, on top of watching their legacy evaporate like a mirage over the sands of the Sahara. I've covered the disinformation on neo-colonialism many times, but today I want to deconstruct, line-by-line, the latest Russophobia propaganda about Putin's role with African nations.

Professor Theo Neethling, of the University of the Free State, typed out a recent story entitled "Russia is expanding its strategic influence in Africa," which rehashes the ages-old Russophobia left over from Soviet times. The strategy, if I may call it this, is the same old diatribe professing Vladimir Putin as the Neo-Stalinist, a man obsessed with restoring the Soviet Union to her former power and glory. Beginning with the intro, the good professor sets up his readers (students). Here's what Neethling says about the new Supreme Soviet followed by my "Translations."

Neethling: "Much has been made about China's role and profile in Africa and the factors underlying its activities on the continent. Less debated is the spread and depth of Russia's contemporary presence and profile in Africa."

Translation: If you have been made to fear China, fear Putin's Russia more. He is "spreading" like a plague across the ancient continent. (There is no note about the Paris Group of investors, or CIA, USAID, and State Department insurgencies going on.)

After a setting-up his audience with a short history lesson of U.S.S.R. weapons aid to African nations during the Cold War, the professor comes out with his real message, so:

Neethling: "More than a quarter of a century later Russia's president Vladimir Putin seems to have new aspirations in Africa. This is in line with his desire to restore Russia to great power status."

Translation: Neething and his globalist benefactors would rather Russia know its place in history, a gigantic natural resource province under the control of the Anglo-European banking elites. In short, Neethling and his ilk think Russia is one of Trump's "shithole" countries that should have no international influence whatsoever.

The genius professor goes on to assert the patently obvious, only making Russia geopolitical moves sound like Hitler burning a path across the world in big, black, SS colors on the strategic map. I get this vision of the inside of Neethling's head, a thought bubble with an evil Putin wringing his hands as the map of Africa comes under his control. They are moving on.

Neethling: "Like Beijing, Moscow's method of trade and investment in Africa is without the prescriptions or conditionalities of actors like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Russia is gradually increasing its influence in Africa through strategic investment in energy and minerals."

Translation: How dare they? The godly bankers at the IMF and the World Bank deal in fluffy white angel investing, and those pesky Russians and Chinese would DARE to invest in Africa minerals! Let's look at who has really invested the most in milking Africa dry, shall we?

Neethling: "The fact that 620 million people in Africa don't have electricity provides Russia's nuclear power industry with potential markets. Several Russian companies, such as Gazprom, Lukoil, Rostec and Rosatom are active in Africa. Most activity is in Algeria, Angola, Egypt, Nigeria, and Uganda."

Translation: Damn those Russian companies for looking to invest in Africa energy! We want Total, BP, and Exxon to be the only companies making money off the Africans.

Let me say this, the biggest reason so many Africans are starving, cold, without water, and living in abject poverty is because the new imperialists continue to suck the life out of them. China and Russia have not even had the chance to capitalize on what was (and is) the most abused continent on our planet. Under the guise of philanthropy and goodwill, the United States, Britain, and the same colonial powers that rape Africa for two hundred years still plunders the riches of these people. There is no need to sugar-coat this issue anymore.

The professor goes on to outline, and to use, bilateral military agreements, arms sales, and he pretty much makes negative and fearsome, any initiative by Russia or China in Africa. Now we can get to the reason for this fear-mongering story.

Neethling: "Both Russia and China are keen to play a future role in Africa. The difference between these two major powers is that China forms part of the Asian regional economy. This will surpass North America and Europe combined, in terms of global power - based on GDP, population size, military spending, and technological investment."

Translation: Must I?

As a final note, Professor Theo Neethling is a member of the faculty and a senior researcher of Military Science (Military Academy) of Stellenbosch University, among his other duties and accolades. To his credit, the professor seems to support the ideology of Africans handling their own security and progress themselves, and not aligning too closely with the UN, Russia, China, or NATO. It is unfortunate that he chose to cast a negative light on Russia and China, leaving off the Anglo-European threat to his people.
Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he's an author of the recent bestseller "Putin's Praetorians" and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine "New Eastern Outlook."