darius new inscription
King Darius of Persia
Two Iranian researchers, M. Doorodi from Shiraz and S. Delshad from Berlin, have announced that a hitherto undocumented trilingual inscription has been discovered on the hillside around the tomb of Darius in Naqshe-Rustam.

The discovery of the inscription, which had remained hidden under dirt deposits and lichen for over two millennia, is of great importance in the field of ancient Iranian studies and ancient linguistics, said French archaeologist Wouter F. M. Henkelman.

inscription Darius Iran persia
Location of inscription
The inscription is written in the Persian, Elamite and Babylonian languages, and is of particular importance to linguists as it adds new verbs to all three ancient languages ​​in which it is inscribed.
darius persia Iran inscription
"It is still hoped that in the area of Naqshe-Rustam, which has been explored continuously for decades, other such valuable inscriptions will be discovered", added Henkelman.
darius persia iran inscription
It is hoped that the discovery of this detailed inscription will add valuable information about the archives of Persepolis and enhance our previous knowledge of the genealogy and names of the aristocratic families of the Achaemenid period.

"The discovery of this inscription offers great information to archaeologists about the circle of the Achaemenid King's associates and advisers", Henkelman said.