Mahan Air
The Iranian airline, Mahan Air, has been banned from operating out of Germany's airports according to Foreign Ministry Spokesperson c, speaking from a press conference in Berlin, on Monday.

"It is in the foreign-policy interests of Germany not to allow any air traffic from companies that support the war in Syria and contribute to the oppression of people in war zones," stated Burger.

Government spokesperson Steffen Seibert dismissed the idea that the decision had been made due to US pressure stating that "it is simply the case that it cannot be ruled out that this airline could transport cargo to Germany that also negatively impact our security concerns." Seibert added that these concerns were particularly valid given the government's "knowledge of terrorist activities from the Iranian side and Iranian agencies in Europe in the past."

The Tehran based airline, which offered flights between its homebase and the German cities of Munich and Dusseldorf, has already been blacklisted by the US government.