The car fell into the collapsed roadway.
© La Elipa via Twitter
The car fell into the collapsed roadway.
A car became stuck after falling into a sinkhole which opened up in a Madrid neighbourhood this morning (Monday).

The sinkhole appeared between Marques de Corbera street and Gerardo Cordón street, in the La Elipa neighbourhood according to emergency services.

A similar sinkhole opened up last Friday in the same area which affected the structure of a building.

Firefighters were called to the scene and, as seen in the video, were able to successfully pull the vehicle from the sinkhole using a winch.

No injuries have been reported although the driver of the Citroen Picasso involved in the incident told the press he had a "big scare".

An investigation is underway in order to determine to what extent the appearance of a sinkhole threatens the surrounding infrastructure in La Elipa.

A water problem is being initially blamed for the sinkhole's formation, causing earth movement beneath the ground.

As such, filling the hole with concrete is not a viable option.