The pair were buried in the rubble
The pair were buried in the rubble
A pair of medics were on the receiving end of some terrible luck after a sinkhole opened up below their feet.

The two women had just finished work when they fell victim to the horrifying ordeal.

Video footage shows them walking down the road talking and appearing to enjoy themselves.

But as they were speaking, the ground from below collapsed under their feet.

A huge gaping hole then opened up and the two plunged into the gap.

Seconds later, a number of concerned locals can be seen rushing to try and help.

Amazingly, the two both made it out with only light injuries, despite being buried below the rubble.

They were pulled out of the hole and rushed to a nearby hospital after the incident in southern Turkey.

But after receiving first aid, they were both released on the same day.

Police and firefighters who were on the scene have now sealed off the area for the safety of the public.

An investigation has also been launched into what caused the collapse.

Sinkholes are caused by the breakdown of surface layers below the pavement.

Many are caused by the chemical dissolution of carbonate rock, either gradually or at once.