scared girl
© Getty / Josie Elias
A man who sexually harassed and raped his adopted underage daughters will spend 22 years in jail, a Russian court ruled. The "monster" father reportedly abused the girls more than 900 times before one told her stepmom.

The five girls have apparently lived a family hell for at least five years after they were taken from an orphanage to in the Far Eastern city of Komsomolsk-na-Amure. As reported by Komsomolskaya Pravda, the family had a reputation for being a decent and happy unit. But behind this façade, the 38-year-old stepfather was raping, abusing and threatening the children, who in turn feared to lose the only family they had, a prosecutor revealed to the paper.

The family reportedly had the total of eight adopted children - five daughters and three sons - and received financial help from the government. The couple also reportedly has three kids of their own.

The stepmother allegedly had no idea about the violence going on until one of the girls dared to speak up against the abuser. The woman immediately went to police, who then exposed hundreds of father's gruesome crimes one by one.

When the father, identified on social media as Viktor Lishavskiy, stood before the court, he did not deny the horrific deeds. Apart from spending more than 22 years behind bars, the man will be reportedly forbidden to any activity linked to bringing up children for 20 years.

The charges were leaked by a public page on Russian social media page Plohie Novosti ("Bad news"). The alleged list contains 248 rape charges and 358 charges of violent sexual acts against minors under 18 years old, as well as 23 cases of the same against kids under 14. He allegedly further committed more than 270 rapes and violent sexual abuses.

The revelations have surely shocked the local community, as the family is said to have actively taken part in local events, won some awards and appeared in the media. Even children's services that visited the foster family several times a year, as Russian law requires, did not see anything suspicious. Now some of these officials are also reportedly facing a negligence probe.