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This explains Azov's continued presence on 'anti-hate' Social Media

An investigation into Ukrainian and Israeli armaments show a deep connection between the Zionist entity and the Nazi-Banderist Battalion, that is also now part of the police forces of the oligarchic and pro-Atlanticist regime of Kiev.

Israeli armaments are being sent to the Ukrainian Nazi-Banderist Azov Battalion that is part of the security forces of the post-Maidan oligarchic-Zionist government (ally of the West and enemy of Russia).

Even Azov's online advertisement does not hide the connection, as they does not shy away from exposing photographs of militiamen carrying Tavor rifles , weapons licensed by Israel.

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That's probably why they're still allowed on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more, while normal, healthy, radical dissent of the left, right, and center are now routinely banned from the - yes - Zionist loyal online multi-media platform complex. - ed JF

On the Battalion's own Youtube channel, for example, a video review shows copies of two locally produced Israeli Tavor rifles, as can be seen below:

A photo on Azov's website also shows a Tavor at the hands of one of the militia police.
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Tavor rifles are produced under license from Israel Weapon Industries and as such were manufactured and exported authorized by Israeli government bodies.

IWI markets Tavor under the umbrella of the Israeli Special Forces' "primary weapon," and Fort, a Ukrainian state-owned arms company, owns a page on Tavor on its official website (the Israel Weapon Industries logo , bottom of the site in the company's partner section ) .

The Battalion, which rose to power alongside the Western-orchestrated coup, in close collaboration with NGOs linked to George Soros (as the International Renaissance Foundation ), as it consolidated itself as the armed wing of the Kiev Board, increasingly central positions in Ukrainian politics.
Members of the Israeli funded neo-nazi Azov battalion
Members of the Israeli funded neo-nazi Azov battalion
Andriy Biletsky, one of the founders of Azov, is now a parliamentarian on the Supreme Council of Ukraine .

Vadym Troyan, former deputy commander of the Battalion, is currently head of the Kiev oblast police - nomination, that is to say, urged by the Ukrainian Minister of Home Affairs, Arsen Avakov, who met with the minister in September 2017 of the Israeli interior, Aryeh Deri, to discuss a "fruitful cooperation" between the two countries.

Arsen Avakov and Aryeh Deri, respectively, interior ministers of Ukraine and Israel, at a meeting to address strategic and security issues.

Analysts and activists claim that Avakov is now the man behind Azov, its most structured institutional arm. In fact, the appointment of a notorious Azovist to a central police post in the capital of the country is enough to establish the connection between him and the infamous Battalion.
Raphael Machado is the leader of New Resistance, Brazil, as well as a political analyst, commentator, and attorney at law. His English language writing appears exclusively on FRN.