Orb over Cambridgeshire
© Facebook/Max Tomlinson
Eerie footage has emerged of a possible UFO spotted over Cambridgeshire.

The video shows a bright red light hovering in the sky and was captured this morning (July 10) at roughly 3am.

The light is accompanied by a high-pitched noise for 15 minutes, before sounding like a generator winding down.

Max Tomlinson of Caxton Gibbet shot the footage in the fields surrounding Cambourne.

He said: "I heard what sounded like a generator start up pretty close to my house. It's summer and baking hot so I've had the window wide open in my room.

"This generator sound winds up and then emits a crazily high-pitched noise. I tried to locate it and when I got to my window it got louder. This sound is the only thing that prompted me to look outside and about 30 seconds after I looked out it wound down and turned off.

"When I did look out I saw a very bright light in the sky. It was frozen on the spot, very high up and much brighter than the stars. I thought it was a plane and so left it for a few seconds but it wouldn't move."

Mr Tomlinson also said his family lives in "the middle of nowhere", surrounded by fields.

He said there is just one neighbouring property, where a couple with two young children live, and they go to bed early.

The Caxton Gibbet resident continued: "For about five minutes I sat there watching it, filming it on and off, and it didn't move a single bit.

"Depending on the angle I filmed it, it switched between a bright ball and the circle-like object."