Fireball over Ontario
© Collin Williamson
Photographer Colin Williamson snapped what he described as a 'fireball' across the sky last night.

"One of the most beautiful shooting stars I have ever seen," he tweeted. "This was awesome to see."

The photo he shared with us was taken at Grandview St. North in Oshawa by Victoria Ryszkowski, one of the journalism students Williamson teaches about night photography.

OPP Sgt. Peter Leon says the OPP received a phone call at 10:39 p.m. from a motorist on Highway 400.

"We had a motorist at 400 and King Road observed a large shooting star in the sky," said Leon. "People wouldn't be expecting to see something like that and then all of sudden kaboom, something out of the sky like that."

When Leon asked the OPP Communications Centre about any sightings, they confirmed by saying "Great balls of fire in the sky!"

A check on twitter suggests the big shooting star may have been witnessed in the U.S. as well.