us fan defies olympics russia flag
While all the talk at the Olympics was about the historic event of the two Koreans marching under a unified flag, this American citizen drew the worlds attention by waving another flag - The Russian Imperial Tricolor.

Who would have thought an American fan would have been among those flying the banned Russian flag? RT interviewed the fan who explained he was trying to avoid the political issues, and rather send a message of support to Russian athletes who were unfairly banned. He explained that the Russian athletes participating are clearly innocent of any wrongdoing, and they are being punished for what others "may or may not" have done.
"That's collective guilt, and I don't like collective guilt" He said
It was nice to see an American taking a stand for something he believes in up in the Olympics stands, and sending a message of support to Russians. Considering other recent events in this years Olympics, it seems unity is yet again a theme of the ancient games.