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Oh god, get a room already. It was only a matter of time before Hillary Clinton began quoting directly from the Gospel of Bill Kristol.

Surely one of the most evil human beings still sullying the face of this planet, Kristol has been an aggressive proponent of every senseless act of military violence the US war machine has inflicted upon our world during his toxic career, and uses his extensive influence in the media and in DC think tanks to help facilitate those agendas.

In a hugely significant strategic maneuver that hardly anyone seems to pay much attention to, Bush-era neoconservatives have been working overtime to ingratiate themselves to the Democratic party's progressive base and pivot into full alignment with that party, publicly placing far less emphasis on the GOP. Central to this pivot has been the shrill Russia alarmism which has been infecting the Democratic party more and more pervasively since the 2016 elections, manufacturing support for new cold war escalations in perfect alignment with the anti-detente agenda that has been central to neoconservatism since its inception.

Kristol tweet
This unholy alliance between centrist Democrats posing as liberals and centrist Republicans posing as conservatives has already seen the rise of an influential joint-operated DC policy group and one of the most despicable pieces of war propaganda seen in 2017, wherein Morgan Freeman sounded the alarm that the United States is "at war" with Russia. And now the single most high-profile Democrat in America is openly retweeting the "gosh I'm such a woke progressive all of a sudden" anti-Trump sentiments of the nation's most high-profile uncloseted neocon.

Remember, these are the same bloodthirsty psychopaths who persuaded the world that the unforgivable Iraq invasion was a great idea. And Hillary Clinton's former Deputy Assistant Philippe Reines couldn't be more ecstatic about this demented merger.

This is what passes for the "center" in US politics today, ladies and gentlemen. A team of warmongering oligarchic sycophants collaborating to convince America that endless war and economic exploitation is in their best interests.

In reality, calling them "centrists" is a total misnomer. People like Hillary Clinton and Bill Kristol get called that not because they sit in the center of the left-to-right political spectrum, but because their worldview is mainstream and is neither left nor right. They are actually only mainstream because western plutocrats have been pouring money into propagandizing their agendas into mainstream consciousness via the corporate media, and they are neither right nor left not because they are moderates, but because American "centrism" is not an ideology at all.

Centrists don't sit anywhere on the political spectrum for the same reason pedophilia and mass murder don't sit anywhere on the political spectrum. American centrism is not a political ideology but a collection of lies propagandized upon the masses to convince us that it's a great idea to allow a class of sociopathic elites to hold the world at gunpoint and loot everything.

As we just saw the other day when prominent centrist "Resistance" figures abandoned political ideology to support the continuation of the NSA's unmitigated Orwellian surveillance system, all centrism really stands for is shoring up power for the oligarchs and their minions. Giving them bigger guns to point at the world, better domestic espionage tools to spy on the slaves, more economic injustice and more money-equals-power political dynamics so that they can keep Americans poor enough to be incapable of fighting rampant plutocracy. That's all centrism is. It's no more ideological than a mugger with a switchblade.

What's really frustrating is that these disgusting creeps get away with calling themselves "realists". If you publicly support an ideological direction that suggests maybe allowing plutocrats to live as totalitarian emperors and kill anyone who stands in their way isn't the best possible direction to lead the country, you get a bunch of Democrats and Republicans coming at you babbling about ponies and unicorns.

Just as there is nothing moderate about supporting the ecocidal, omnicidal agendas of an Orwellian oligarchy, there is nothing realistic about thinking that doing so is a good way to effect change. The adults at the table, the true realists, are fighting to snap America out of the CIA/CNN lullaby narratives they've been sedated with and drag US politics kicking and screaming away from the faux center as aggressively as they can.

Be a realist. Fight the centrists. Don't let them bully you into silence. They are wrong. You are right. Keep fighting, keep yelling. Get louder and louder and louder.