Moldovan flag
© AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda
The number of Moldovan nationals in favor of unification with Russia is about 11% more than those who seek unification with Romania, suggests an opinion poll published by the Moldovan Institute for Public Policy on Friday.

According to the poll, 33% of Moldovan citizens would vote in favor of joining Russia, while 21.8% would support unification with Romania.

Besides, the poll suggests that 56.2% of its participants are against unification with Romania, while 40% don't want unification with Russia.

If a parliamentary election were to be held next Sunday, the majority of votes would go to the Party of Socialists that supports President Igor Dodon who seeks closer ties with Russia.

The ruling Democratic Party that controls the pro-European coalition and the government would get the backing of a meager 2.8% of Moldovans polled. Given these results, this faction may fail to make it over the six-percent hurdle to enter parliament. President Dodon enjoys the greatest trust among the country's politicians.

The nationwide poll involving 1,113 people was conducted between November 18 and December 5. The margin of error does not exceed 2.9%.