One of the lesser known aspects of the Bigfoot phenomenon is the reported ability of the creatures to mimic the distressing cries of a human baby. Almost certainly, this is done to try and lure concerned people deep into the woods. Of course, the big question is: why? We could speculate that the Bigfoot are on the hunt for a tasty meal or several - namely us. After all, most people, if they heard an abandoned baby crying in the woods, would quickly seek out the baby and bring it to safety. Perhaps the Bigfoot know this and, as a result, are not beyond finding ingenious and sinister ways of drawing us to them - and for the worst outcome possible.

The small town of Ennis, Texas was the site of a brief series of such encounters with a Bigfoot-style entity in 1964. Those same encounters involved an immense monster, one which was described by the half a dozen people who saw it as being somewhere between eight and ten feet in height. Notably, nearly all of the encounters occurred at the site of an old, and now-demolished, wooden bridge that spanned a still-existing creek. Eye-opening is the fact that the bridge became known by the locals as Cry-Baby Bridge - on specific account of the disturbing, and baby-like, wailing that were always heard when the hairy monster was around. Fortunately, despite the voice sounding like the cries of a baby, no-one fell for the potentially-deadly ruse. All recognized it for what it was: an attempt to reel in the witnesses and for reasons that remain unknown. But, they were surely nothing of a positive nature.

Five years later, in 1969, the Ennis Bigfoot was back again - as were the baby-like cries, which continued to haunt the old bridge and those that saw the beast across what was a period of roughly five weeks. Again, the monster was immense: around nine feet tall. There was a difference, however: the Bigfoot was seen to run on both four limbs and two, despite looking entirely humanoid in shape and stance when upright. One final thing on this particular matter: of the several old graveyards that can be found in and around the Ennis area, one is called Cryer Creek Cemetery. Cryer Creek is a town located just a few miles from Barry, Texas. Today, it has a population of under twenty. That's to say the dead significantly outnumber the living in the 19th century town. There is a notable story behind the name of the town.

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