Snow in Breckenridge on Oct. 2
© Lowell McCoySnow in Breckenridge on Oct. 2
Ready or not, the snowy cold has arrived. Over the last week, snow blanketed parts of the western United States. And last night, storms dumped on Colorado.

As early snowstorms go, the latest round in the west is hefty. More than 12 inches fell in Breckenridge, Colo., last night. Check out the porch above, and town shot below!

Early snowfall totals

This round, Steamboat Springs is the big winner. As of Monday morning, the resort above the town of some 12,000 residents showed nearly 20 inches of fresh powder on its snow stake cam.

snow pile
Arapahoe Basin, below, showed a heap of snow at 2:00 a.m. There's no way to tell how much, but the resort says the "Flaming 'A' Logo" is 18 inches high. It's solidly buried.

snow 2
This latest snow in Colorado pushes winter further south after a storm hit the northern Rockies earlier. Skiers took some low-tide turns last week in Wyoming, as seen in this shot below.

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Of course, the U.S. isn't the only place getting hit. Check out what's going on in British Columbia!
Winter Storm warning from @environmentca notes that >20cm possible for #MedHat, and plenty of models support that in a big way!
GEM: 57-75cm
RAP: 35cm
NAM: 21cm
A bit of this will come down as rain, but tell friends in #MedHat to prepare accordingly!#abstorm #snow

— Kevin Stanfield (@CTVStanfield) October 2, 2017
So get ready for ski trips and pow days, America. Like it or not, winter is on the way.