Sun halo over Agnes
© Ruth Geck
Agnes & 1770 residents were left marveling at a strange weather pattern which formed a "halo" around the sun over the Discovery Coast yesterday.

Ruth Geck took these photos and shared them on Facebook, prompting excited reactions from others who had seen the phenomenon.

Some blamed it on "geo-engineering" - but meteorologist Annabelle Ford, from the Bureau of Meteorology's Brisbane office, confirmed it was an entirely natural effect.

"This is a good example of a 'halo'," Ms Ford told The Observer after seeing the pictures.

"These are caused by thin high cloud made of ice crystals, called Cirrus clouds," she said.

"Light from the sun (or moon) is refracted through the ice crystals, with different wavelengths of light refracting at slightly different angles, similar to how a rainbow forms."
Refraction - how halo forms
© Bureau of Meteorology
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