Costa Rica UFO
© Inexplicata.blogspot.comCaught on camera January, 23, 2013
Impressive! A video recorded in Costa Rica has gone viral on YouTube. What is the reason for this? It turns out that an airline pilot captured the very moment at which the UFO flew in the distance.

The pilot, whose name is Jose Daniel Araya, wanted to record the sunset over Costa Rica on his cellphone without thinking he would capture a UFO. The images have gone around the world and have been seen millions of times on Youtube.

At first, the pilot did not clearly see the UFO and wanted to be certain. Upon going home to inspect the recorded images, he was startled to find the UFO was clearly visible.

Faced with this mystery, the pilot visited astronomer José Alberto Villalobos and UFO expert Alexis Astúa, who said it was in fact an 'extraterrestrial spacecraft'. As of this moment the video has over a millon views on YouTube and is a viral phenomenon.