There are plenty of cases of vanished people who have seemingly stepped off the face of the earth to leave abandoned vehicles behind. However, even more curious is those cases where the disappeared have gone off to take a drive and completely vanished along with their vehicles, never to be seen or heard from again. It is one thing to have a person disappear, but for them to just melt away from the world along with their vehicles and never have a trace found is truly odd indeed. Here are some of the myriad, bizarre cases of people who got into their cars to go driving, and keep going seemingly right off the face of the planet.

Our first case finds us at the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, on May 15, 1970. On this evening, there was a cocktail party going on in full swing, and among the various people mixing and mingling were 63-year-old Edward and Stephania Andrews, of Arlington Heights, who were there because of a trade convention sponsored by the Woman's Association of Allied Beverage Industries. At some point at around 9:30 PM, Edward made some complaints to other party goers about feeling rather ill, and he was described as looking noticeably pale and under the weather, although if this was a result of alcohol some sickness is not known. Some witnesses who asked what was wrong claimed that he had told them he was just hungry.

Not long after this, witnesses say that the couple made their way to the parking garage, where Edward was seen to be stumbling, staggering, and practically unable to walk. As he fumbled with the car keys, his wife was seen to cry and beg him not to get behind the wheel, but despite this objection the two were seen to head off in their vehicle, a black-and-yellow 1969 Oldsmobile, smashing across the garage door to scrape it on their way out. The couple were last seen driving down Michigan Avenue against traffic, and then they just vanished off the face of the earth.

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