IMF effects in Ukraine
Originally at Politnavigator

The IMF has postponed the release of the next tranche for Ukraine, as reported today by Bloomberg. Should Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump be able to find a common language at the upcoming G20, the new IMF loans to Ukraine will no longer be able to be obtained.

"The previous tranche was also delayed by more than six months. The delay is caused by the fact that Ukraine does not comply with the conditions of the memorandum, which were established, namely the implementation of land and pension reform. The government has already made it clear that before the parliamentary recess the relevant bills will not have time to navigate through the Verkhovna Rada,"- said Ukrainian economist, Vsevolod Stepaniuc.

Ukrainian economist Alexander Okhrimenko also admits that the IMF funding could be terminated.

"This year we have a very small repayment (for external debt), we need to pay off a billion dollars. A billion dollars the IMF has already given us. But the question is, what will happen next. For us, 2018-2019 are critical years. Next year we will have to pay $ 4.5 billion, and in 2019 - almost 9 billion dollars. Now that's scary."

Trump announced that he would stop or drastically reduce funding for other countries. In America, this slogan is very popular - US taxpayers' money remain in the United States. For Americans, this is very important.

Ed: It would seem that US taxpayers have been paying the price for the incoherent policy that the previous Obama administration committed in the Ukraine, in the interests of the few.