Putin Crop Circle
© Dario Gambarin
This is the work of artist Dario Gambarin.
A crop circle unlike any other has appeared in a field in Italy - a giant image of Russian President Vladimir Putin's face.

Don't blame Russian-speaking aliens though, this is the work of artist Dario Gambarin.

Comment: Ok, so it wasn't aliens. If you believe in US intelligence agency fairy-tales, however, then the Russian government got into this farmer's head and made him do it!

​The 135-metre portrait is in a field near Verona and has been created ahead of the G20 summit in Hamburg, which Putin will be attending.

The "land-art" was created with a tractor and Gambarin's "innate sense of proportion".

Putin joins the likes of Pope Francis, Jesus Christ and US President Donald Trump as muses for Gambarin.

The art doesn't last long though, they are removed after a few days to allow cultivation.