Oil tanker flips
© Waji Official / YouTube
100+ people burn to death after oil tanker flips & explodes in Pakistan.
Over 100 people have burnt to death after an oil tanker overturned, spilling its payload on a highway in the Pakistani city of Bahawalpur, local media report.

At least 123 people were killed according to sources that spoke with Geo TV Pakistan. At least another 40 people suffered severe burn wounds. They have been taken to two local hospitals in critical condition, Rescue 1122 Director General Dr. Rizwan Naseer told the news outlet.


After the tanker overturned in Pul Paka area near the National Highway, people in the vicinity rushed to the vehicle to collect fuel. Some were smoking, which reportedly led to the ignition of the gasoline and caused furious inferno, according to initial reports.

Its been reported that over 70 motorcycles and a number of cars have also been destroyed in the blaze. Geo TV Pakistan reports that the fire is now under control.

Local news outlets report that the bodies have been burned beyond recognition. DNA tests will be required to identify the deceased.

Medical staff fear more deaths, as victims suffered burns to over 70 percent of their bodies.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the initial crash, but first reports coming from the scene suggest the truck had been speeding.