White Helmet propaganda
No crater, fire or smoke is uncharacteristic of airstrike damage to the surroundings
The notorious organization the "White Helmets", has become known as such for its links with the Al- Nusra terrorists. The organisation earns money by staging videos, that discredit the actions of the Syrian Army troops.

The "White Helmets" have published a new video on the deaths of civilians in Deraa province, allegedly by Syrian Air Force strikes. However, not even examining the record most carefully, we can see that this video is no more than another lie of the pseudo-rescuers, writes Rusvesna.

We can start with the surroundings. In the video we see some localities, allegedly affected an airstrike.

Anyone who is even slightly acquainted with military affairs, knows that after the explosion, a bomb leaves a cloud of smoke, but could also ignite objects close to it, and the cloud of dust and smoke can linger for quite a long time.

In the video, there is no fire, no smoke, nothing that could say that this place was recently cleared of aircraft munitions. From what we can conclude, the shooting took place at a specially selected area, which has clearly not undergone a recent bombing.

Secondly, there is no trace of an air strike. The fact that the structures of the surrounding space have minor fractures, is not characteristic of an aircraft ammunition hit. In the case of air attack, even with the use of low-power base ammunition, destruction is much larger. Some may say that the ammunition did not strike a building and fell nearby - but there are no bomb craters along the roads.

All of this suggests that the filming location was chosen in advance.

Another thing that catches the eye is that the people depicted in the video, are not hurt as would be characteristic of air strike victims. A small amount of blood over a limb is not the kind of injury that would come from bomb shrapnel wounds.

White Helmets propaganda
Small amount of blood an intact limbs are not characteristic of an airstrike, and would most likely be gunshot wounds.
We can see people in the video covered with earth and dust. This is typical of cases where people have suffered inside buildings or were in the immediate vicinity of the explosion, which obviously does not correspond to what we see in the video. If they are not specifically pulled from the rubble, why would they look this way in the street? Most likely people were brought into place in advance of filming and made up by artists as victims of an air strike.

At the very start, there is seemingly a man on a stretcher that is entirely intact, blood and rubble free, being carried through. That was perplexing.
White Helmet propaganda
"A rather unhurt victim of an airstrike"
To summarize, we can be reasonably sure that this is yet another "fake" helmets, which is frankly made extremely carelessly. Once again proving that the "White Helmets" are not rescuers, but an organization for making false videos to discredit the current government in the country.