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Amelia Ferguson was dying and spending her days in bed, because doctors could not determine what was wrong with her. So she took her iPad and researched her condition herself, and found out it was related to the HPV vaccine, which allowed doctors to properly treat her condition.
One of the true tragedies in modern medicine is the refusal to consider vaccine injuries when diagnosing or treating disease. The U.S. government acknowledges that people die and are injured by vaccines, as is evidenced from the Department of Justice's quarterly reports on settlements in vaccine court.

However, medical students are given no training in recognizing or treating vaccine injuries, and no studies are ever conducted to find out why some children suffer from vaccines while others do not.

In this story out of the U.K., a 13 year old girl accomplishes something her doctors could not do, and that was diagnose her own life-threatening disease by researching all of the possibilities, without excluding vaccine injuries, something that apparently handicapped her doctors. She discovered that she suffered from an autoimmune disease after receiving the HPV vaccine.
How a teen diagnosed her own rare illness

by Mike Pattenden
The Times (UK)


Admitted to Queen Mary's Hospital for Children in Carshalton, Surrey, Amelia was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and put on a drip. By the summer of 2014 she was almost completely bed-ridden. At her lowest she was unable to swallow.
"Painkillers weren't working and nor was the treatment," she says, speaking from the family home in Esher. "I had lots of symptoms that I could see just didn't fit with chronic fatigue syndrome. I knew that it was something else."

"We wanted to believe it was chronic fatigue. Half a dozen specialists were in agreement," says her father, David, a financial adviser. "They kept saying, 'We've seen this before, trust us, stop worrying.' But she was fading before our eyes and we were racking our brains for a solution."
While her parents worried, Amelia took to her iPad. Instead of wasting her time watching vloggers, though, she began sifting medical research.
"I was no longer able to live my life properly so I'd spend seven or eight hours lying there searching for a cure," she says.
In December Amelia found a paper about a 13-year-old Australian girl who presented with the same symptoms and chronology - they had both received the HPV vaccine, just before becoming ill. It suggested that Amelia might have pandysautonomia, a rare autoimmune autonomic neuropathy.

Amelia wrote a 1,700 word account of her clinical history, attached the medical paper and her conclusions with it, and sent it to Professor Russell C Dale, a paediatric neurologist at the University of Sydney. He referred her to Dr Ming Lim at the Evelina London Children's Hospital, part of Guy's and St Thomas', who rushed her in for tests and came to the same conclusion.
"Her condition was life-threatening and it was clear she needed urgent care," Lim says.
He put Amelia on a course of immunotherapy using steroids and immunoglobulins.

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Young women whose lives were destroyed by the HPV vaccine.

Young women whose lives were destroyed by the HPV vaccine.

Comment: More horrifying facts about the HPV vaccine

At the very First Annual Global HPV Vaccine Symposium at AutismOne in Chicago this past week, some very shocking facts were discussed in regards to this extremely dangerous vaccine.

I don't think it's possible to read this list and not feel anger at what is being done to our population under the pretense of prevention.
  1. In 2010 the FDA allowed a presentation by those injured by HPV Vaccines... they have still not responded.
  2. Since the introduction of HPV Vaccines, VAERS reports of autoimmune conditions have increased more than 1000%, infertility reports increased 790%, spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) reports increased 270%, blindness and deafness reports increased 188%.
  3. HPV Vaccines account for 25% of all VAERS reports.
  4. It costs the U.S. $30,000,000 per year in HPV vaccines to eliminate less than 3 deaths per 100,000 women from cervical cancer... which would have been caught by pap smears anyway. AND this is despite the fact that HPV vaccines do not prevent CIN1/2 lesions from progressing to CIN3.
  5. Merck has always promised there is no HPV viral DNA in HPV vaccines, which is an outright lie. In 2012, Dr. Lee found that 100% of all HPV Vaccines contain HPV Viral DNA, and this was confirmed by French scientists in 2014. Injecting HPV Viral DNA causes HPV infection.
  6. In 2015 it was discovered by an Australian scientist that Merck's HPV Vaccine "saline placebo" was not saline. It was Polysorbate 80... which causes ovarian failure, infertility, autoimmunity and nut allergies. This is important because that means when comparing the vaccine (containing Polysorbate 80) to the placebo, they could confidently say there were no differences or changes. (Polysorbate 80 is an ingredient in numerous vaccines.)
  7. In 2015 Dr. Lee officially recommended no physical activity or sports for at least 2 months after receiving Gardasil because of the very high chance of cardiac arrest.