trump press conference
The greatest Presidential press conference you will ever see.

It was an extraordinary 75 minutes. A press conference that will go down in history.

Why was it so great? Trump and the media just had it out for over an hour.

It was real, it was human, it was non-scripted. It was a refreshing break from Obama's ass kissing, teleprompter discussions with the media.

It was honest, real, and completely engaging.

Matt Drudge summed it up perfectly in this tweet. This was America's president taking on the corporate media. Game on!

Make no mistake about it. The people are with President Trump.

Here are the top 8 moments of yesterday's epic President Trump Press Conference...

1. Approval rating 55%. Stock market up. Jobs Jobs Jobs.

2. "A mess, at home and abroad." Economy has problems and Obama is to blame. Trump will fix everything.

3."The tone of media coverage is full of such hatred." CNN went from "fake news" to "very fake news."

4. "The leaks are real, the news is fake."

5. Called out on 'alternative fact' about electoral college votes. Trump makes journalist admit: "You are the President".

6. A good relationship with Russia is a good thing. "Nuclear holocaust would be like no other."

7. Hillary's stupid reset button that made US look like a bunch of "jerks".

And explaining Hillary's uranium deal with Russia...

8. Shooting that Russian ship. False reporting makes it harder to make a deal with Russia.