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Official history records that the last 100 years of human history were dominated by 2 world wars, fought between the proponents of freedom and democracy and the forces of slavery and fascism; a 'Cold War' waged by the 'West' against Communist China and the Soviet Union; and more recently, a potentially 'unending' war against the forces of 'Islamic fundamentalism', again waged by the 'West'.

That, at least, is the official narrative.

The alleged 'humanitarian' or otherwise benevolent intentions of the 'West' in these campaigns appears to have given rise, at least in the latter part of the 20th century, to an entrenched culture of progressivism in many 'Western' nations that bolstered the cause of 'humanitarian' military interventions in other countries by Western military forces. This 'progressivism' has, however, produced significant social stressors in Western nations, and provoked a backlash from conservative or 'traditionalist' segments of the population that found their voice, finally, in the unexpected election of Donald Trump as US President.

Join your hosts this week as we disassemble the official narrative of modern history and reveal the much more plausible, if unpalatable, truth about the forces behind the scenes that have brought our global society to the sorry state in which it currently finds itself.

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