Martin Luther King is spinning in his grave
You know things are getting silly when the 'Russians hacked the election' crowd gets, or lets the Black Political Caucus carry water for them.

It's too fantastical to be believed, but it happened.

MLK would have been unhappy about this. He spoke out against whack-job militarism and the security state had him killed. It is very doubtful that any of this occurs to Waters as she shills for them.

A longer video from another MSNBC show follows at the end of this article.

She really comes across like somebody's dumb grandma who is discussing things she doesn't really understand, imperfect grammar and all.

Also interesting that the Black Political Caucus has been pro-Russia lately - arguing, intelligently, that an out of control MIC is fundamentally against black interests, as it funnels money away from social programs, which blacks benefit disproportionately from. That was King's point too.

And interesting that Matthews gives her all the time in the world to air these bizarre ideas.

Chris, you're keeping a straight face, but everyone else is laughing at you.

Here she is again, on another show repeating every baseless lie she possibly can. Shameful and embarrassing.

Perhaps Schumer put her up to it, promised her something juicy in return. People call her a poverty pimp, this must be why.

Video can be seen here.