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Let's get straight to the point on Christmas eve.


Belgian national, Vice President of the Institute of Internal Auditors Luxembourg and NATO Chief Auditor Yves Chandelon was assassinated last week and found dead on Friday December 16, 2016 after being intensely stalked and threatened for weeks.

The death threats that were aimed at Chandelon were in direct response to Chandelon's willingness to report about the massive black hole in NATO's very secretive budget, initially amounting to well over €250 billion (in today's currency) all concerning either missing or unaccounted funds, spread over a period of at least 4 decades.

Chandelon was known to be a dedicated NATO employee who could not be bribed or extorted. Several such attempts had already failed in the past.

In the weeks leading up to his assassination, at the hands of top NATO officials themselves who ordered the job, Chandelon reportedly came in possession of additional dossiers that document supplementary details for the previously assumed €250 billion black hole in NATO's books. It is believed that the data included therein would also have enabled Chandelon to be at the basis of corruption charges being brought against NATO's top officials and the Belgian government, who hosts the dubious NATO headquarters in its capital district, and enough incriminating evidence concerning NATO's secret funding of real terror cells both in the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Palestine) AND in Europe, including in Turkey.

The funding and briefing of terror cells in the ME by NATO is similar to the US government's cooperation with the so-called moderate rebels in Libya, Syria and Iraq while the more recent funding of terror cells in Europe by NATO is frighteningly reminiscent of the notorious Gladio campaigns.

Chandelon was shot in the head and everything so far indicates a professional hit. The first limited press reports that came out and the initial government statements tried to suggest that Yves Chandelon may simply have committed suicide but this was quickly rejected and refuted by Yves' family and friends, who he had told about being followed on a regular basis and related to his professional occupation at NATO.

Chandelon's body was found in his car in Bonneville (Andenne), Belgium, with allegedly a pistol in his right hand. The pistol was not one of the 3 registered weapons that he personally owned. That same pistol, however, is now part of a much wider controversy in which well-founded doubts have been raised concerning a suspected high-profile coverup.

In contradicting local media reports, the same pistol was found in the glove compartment of Chandelon's car, this would certainly involve at least a second person since Chandelon couldn't have placed it there himself after allegedly shooting himself in the head. This is why also his family doubts the official narrative and will be highly suspicious of the coming autopsy. And rightfully so.

Comment: This is probably just poor reporting. Chandelon reportedly kept the unregistered firearm in his glovebox, but it was found in his right hand. He was left-handed. Also, before his death he gave a bunch of documents to his son for safe-keeping unless something happened to him. His son handed the docs over to the police after his father's death. See Newsbud's report below:

Clearly Chandelon had been marked for death by his employer, NATO, and a hitman was hired and sent out to start tailing him, which Chandelon apparently knew about weeks or days before being executed.

Another troubling fact in this case is that the regular news media is largely avoiding this high-profile execution, as if it merely concerns a local suicide case unworthy of international attention, even though all indications point to murder and even his family knows it and is willing to say so in public, including some of his closest friends.

A black out in the US and UK press for instance (who in any other instance would flood the newswires with their flimsy reporting) can, thus, mean only one thing, that their NATO-associated governments are involved in at least the coverup of the facts and the real investigation if not in the assassination itself.

It is reported that the autopsy report is to be expected on the 27th of December. That's in just a few days from now. Lets see how they spin it.

Known contributions per NATO member state for FY 2014:
  • Canada: €276,188,610
  • USA: €1,004,548,996
  • Iceland: €1,949,620
  • Norway: €70,213,524
  • Denmark: €57,175,342
  • Estonia: €4,561,204
  • Latvia: €6,270,522
  • Lithuania: €3,696,888
  • Poland: €119,439,162
  • UK: €477,280,482
  • The Netherlands: €148,178,998
  • Belgium: €92,248,258
  • France: €498,052,914
  • Luxembourg: €6,914,350
  • Germany: €663,352,902
  • Portugal: €43,059,398
  • Spain: €236,716,260
  • Italy: €395,591,500
  • Czech Republic: €97,514,814 (!) - of all member states this is the most transparent one when it concerns its NATO funding
  • Slovenia: €9,974,800
  • Croatia: €13,901,244
  • Albania: €3,944,580
  • Slovakia: €20,534,486
  • Hungary: €31,669,990
  • Romania: €47,847,302
  • Greece: €50,005,486
  • Bulgaria: €14,721,898
  • Turkey: €187,286,870
Total known NATO budget for FY 2014 = €4,582,840,400

The actual total NATO budget is only known by the US government and by no other NATO member state at all - regardless of their "weight". The information is mysteriously but intentionally compartmentalized.

It would therefore be no surprise at all had we seen Chandelon come out in early 2017 with an audit report similar to that of Donald Rumsfeld on September 10, 2001 - in which he declared that the Pentagon books showed a black hole of 2.3 trillion US dollars.

With the assassination of Yves Chandelon all hopes for a transparent NATO, and fewer wars waged through it, are gone. No one will ever again dare to break the silence on the corruption inside NATO, and their involvement in the illegal killing of millions of innocent people in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

All bets are off!

UPDATE 5: IRIS and BitWars Break Mainstream Media's Blackout of the Assassination of NATO Chief Auditor Yves Chandelon

Comment: On the 26th, a Western newspaper finally published a piece (the UK Express), and they refer to report that the weapon was found in the glovebox. No mention of the alleged suicide note, though. As IRIS says, the fact that there was pretty much a media blackout is telling. They speculate:
What all this means is that NATO never wanted anyone to know about his ASSASSINATION, a local rumor in local papers in a worst case scenario. Unfortunately the story has successfully been broken open into the internet highways and can therefore not be stopped anymore.

UPDATE4: Remembering Yves Chandelon, NATO Chief Auditor

Comment: From the above article:
Apparently Mr. Chandelon was working on the last details of his NATO internal audit report when he was murdered in his car in Bonneville (Andenne), Belgium on December 16, 2016.

In all likelihood, that audit report would have become the most important work of his entire career as a professional top-level auditor. Unfortunately, the NATO audit report was of such nature that he paid for it with his life, and that tells us something about what he was going to reveal.

Yves Chandelon did not fear the top brass at NATO and they were well aware of that fact. The only way he could be silenced was with a fatal bullet. And so it happened.

The following text is one of his contributions in a quarterly newsletter, in which he writes about what it means to be an auditor and what "good governance" stands for.

by Yves Chandelon, October 2010 - For the UFAI Quarterly Newsletter (translated from French)

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

This year, my professional destiny will not allow me to join you to participate in the 9th International Conference of the UFAI [Union Francophone de l'Audit Interne] in Abidjan and believe it that I regret it ...

Over the years, I have come to know many of you and I was delighted to see you again. This is only partly postponed, other opportunities will present!

"Internal Audit, Actor of the Good Governance"

This title appeals to me for a number of reasons that I will give for your reflections. Good Governance has for some years been a very fashionable topic that many politicians are trying to exploit to restore their coat of arms, that of a party or a country.

However, you will agree with me that it is not enough to levy taxes to rectify deficit accounts or to strengthen police powers ... .

Good governance is a collective responsibility, not only to put in place ethical and deontological rules, but also to help the men or women who apply them, to better understand them, and even apply them in a natural and systematic way. Good governance is also about not accepting something easily, it is also accepting to take certain risks to raise the level of transparency and the quality of management of a human society. It is a change of mental behavior, it is a passage from the old habit to the right approach, it is the evolution of a state of mind, it is the march of human society towards progress.

Internal Audit can only be a major player in good governance if, on the one hand, adequate guarantees of independence are offered and on the other hand the will to progress exists in the minds of the leaders.

To have several times in my life practiced the profession in very difficult circumstances, I also think I can add that it is the internal auditor's task to stimulate leaders to make them want not only to communicate with him, but also to read his report and to test the application of the recommendations formulated. A good internal auditor must impress his superiors with the quality of his knowledge, his sense of diplomacy, his pragmatism and his willingness to contribute to the good growth of the company, the system or his country.

To be a good internal auditor is to be a daring person constantly questioning the value of his knowledge through continuous education, it is also to be a "free" person in his head and probe. And even if one possesses all these qualities, it is also to have the right to practice one's profession in a democratic environment, tolerant of criticism, as animated by a will to evolve. Thus, little by little, the internal auditor will become the indispensable actor of Good Governance because through it, the proper functioning of internal control will become the engine of development of a healthy and balanced approach to life in society.

UPDATE 3: It is being claimed that our estimates for the actual NATO budget are way off and wildly exaggerated. Well ... think again. According to Russian reports the NATO budget stands at 918 billion US dollars (per FY 2016). In such case, we were indeed being very conservative. AND in such case the publicly known and admitted NATO budget, as described below, is roughly merely 0.50% (€4,582,840,400). No wonder Chandelon was professionally taken care of, and no wonder it is then that the news media are ordered to stand down... or else...

UPDATE 2: There are important related updates being posted on the BitWars.org website, scroll down on the frontpage to see the latest there!

Comment: From BitWars.org (Dec. 25):
This news item is already a very big story in Turkey and Greece is starting to pick it up too now. In the south of Belgium, where the story broke by local media outlets the Yves Chandelon assassination has been top ranked the entire past week, it literally dominates the internet there.

Yet after more than a week now, since December 16, only the Russian government-sponsored Sputnik has reposted the news about Chandelon, on their French-language website.

More worrying than the blackout by the mainstream press, of this topic, is the literal silence over at some of the bigger and more popular "alternative" media websites such as Infowars and Breitbart, who would normally at least republish some report on the matter if they were not willing to give their own take on the event. After all, it DOES concern an in mystery shrouded death.

On the other hand, even the Daily Mail (known to love and pump gossip endlessly) has zero publications about the death of Yves Chandelon.

UPDATE 1: Obviously the now mysteriously found "suicide note" is yet another indication that a coverup is taking place.