Homs: Before and After
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Homs: Before and After
1) Syria was one of the most well run, stable, Arab countries in the world, with decent living standards. It had no record of human rights violations or mass beheadings every year like our good ally Saudi Arabia.

2) Assad is the recognized legitimate leader of Syria by the whole world.

3) There was no unrest in Syria until a country 8,000 miles away decided they didn't like Assad - who the hell knows why. Just a guess: Assad wasn't going to let said country steal Syrian resources for pennies on the dollar. Said country was not Russia but the USA. No little non-nuclear armed country can refuse these type of American "requests" - there will be consequences. The consequence for Syria was the funding of a rebel insurgency.

4) That actions like this violate international law means nothing to the USA, especially when their "request" (demand) for access to cheap resources is turned down.

5) If the funded mercenary revolution is not succeeding, that's when the aircraft carrier shows up to assist the mercenary forces. US aircraft start flying in Syrian airspace without permission, (violation of International Law) with no declaration of war, nor attack on US assets by Syria. We start bombing the Syrian military and infrastructure, like bridges, highways, oil facilities - you know, trying to wreck their economy. This is a gross violation of international law. As for bombing cities, let's put it this way. If something of real importance is in downtown Damascus it will be hit. We don't follow international law unless it's favorable to us. The only rule we like is "might makes right" or "because we can, and they can't strike back." The fact is, all the Syrians killed by our bombing, or even by the mercenary forces we fund, the US is totally responsible for because every move we make on the sea, in the air or on the ground in Syria is illegal, because everyone of them breaks international law!

6) Russia is operating legally in Syria under international law, because the legitimate recognized Syrian Government asked for help to get rid of the scum the US had illegally funded and armed on Syrian territory. The Syrian Government is fighting a Civil War started by US funded and armed insurgents, who have taken the city of Aleppo which they have held a long time. Anyone with a brain bigger then a pea, knows street to street, house to house fighting is the bloodiest, most difficult of all combat. And when the insurgents are dug in and well armed within fortifications you need to bomb the buildings to make it possible to win. And yes civilians are going to die, that's what happens in inner-city warfare. It comes with the situation. But even these deaths are the responsibility of the USA and NeoCons like Bush, Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Check how bloody and deadly the USA's own civil war was. That was the last real war the US has fought were there were real battles fought on US soil.