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It's a jungle out there, as the saying goes, and there are those who aim to do us harm. Have you had feelings that something is not quite right, had niggling doubts or red flags about certain people and situations? Each of us were endowed with gut feelings that we can either ignore to our peril or use to our advantage.

On this episode of the Health and Wellness Show we discussed the difference between true fear and everyday worry and anxiety, learning to spot danger signals that women, in particular, and society, in general, have been taught to ignore. How can we cultivate our sense of intuition to keep us safe and avoid becoming victims to the predators out there? Join us as we share eye-opening stories about how the gift of fear can save your life.

Have you ever wondered if your pet can understand you? Stick around for Zoya's Pet Health Segment to find out!

Running Time: 01:42:12

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