turkish stream
France, for ignoring Eurasia, will be isolated, eating chlorinated chickenburger, and washing it down with a Coke.

This week, our media have sadly misdirected our attention again, ignoring real information, preferring to present a scream of outrage over President Erdoğan going to Russia.

Of course, the matter of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline was discussed and the project will be revived. Turkey is not going to spit on the transit fees.

This gas pipeline to southern Europe must pass through Greece and Macedonia, but for their misfortune: Greece will end up being looted by Germany, Macedonia will continue to be destabilized by the US, as a compliant government will not be in place.

Bulgaria has made overtures about relaunching the South Stream project. Regime change is in sight, as the US will never let a gas pipeline develop which would transit Serbia and Hungary, these poor disciples of Atlanticism.

As for North Stream 2, Germany is strong enough to impose its project, ending up with ruining Ukraine and constraining Poland to pay a German tithe.

The major episode of the energy and economic war, deliberately obscured, is located between the Caspian sea and the Gulf of Oman. On August 8, the presidents of Azerbaijan, Iran, and Russia met in Baku to discuss an international corridor for freight transport. This corridor will connect the Gulf to Russia via Iran to supply northern Europe.

India is already cooperating with the mutation of the Iranian port of Chabahar, which is the terminal of Caspian-Oman canal. Unnoticed, an agreement was signed in April between Russia, Georgia, Armenia, and Iran on a power corridor through these countries for electricity exchanges to facilitate future operation of the canal. This project will allow all residents to have an outlet for their production or their resources.

What's remarkable in this project is the mutual interest, and not submitting to American power. Paradoxically, the US will let the project happen. The calculation is simple, because it is enough, thanks to the media and a few dollars, to show that now access to Caucasian and Russian oil resources is compromised if Europe throws itself into the arms of Qatar, but especially if it scrambles for liquefied shale gas from the United States, like the Baltic countries.

For the goods transiting on the Silk Road, one of the crossing points being Russia, it will be enough to invoke a pseudo-unreliability of Russia to bring our European cherubs down into the arms of TAFTA, the only way to comfort our Atlanticist politocrats.

France has the choice, either to cooperate in such projects in areas that have not been sold off to the US, or to continue genuflecting before the master.

But for lack of cooperation with Eurasia, France will be isolated with only her eyes to cry while eating a burger of chlorinated chicken washed down with a Coke and served by someone uprooted by the US wars of chaos.