Chicago was battered by the incredible storms

Chicago was battered by the incredible storms
A train derailed off its tracks after an intense and explosive lightning storm unleashed chaos.

Amazing footage has captured the moment a train canopy became engulfed in sparks in an apocalyptic lightning storm.

A train had to be evacuated after several carriages came off the tracks during an intense storm in Chicago on Sunday night.

Car passenger Erin Piotrowski captured the dramatic moment when the train canopy was torn off during the storms and fell onto the tracks, which then exploded into flames.

The terrifying footage saw sparks fly off the Blue Line train platform as the train canopy collapsed onto the tracks, unleashing a blinding flash across the adjacent motorway.

The woman's voice can be heard over the recording yelling: "The train is off the tracks!"

A train with passengers on board was pulling up the station just as the canopy struck the electrified tracks.

Chicago Fire Department Commander Frank Velez said the authorities had to evacuate the train and fortunately no one was injured.

Train derails in dazzling Chicago lightning storm
© Erin Piotrowski
Train derails in dazzling Chicago lightning storm
A passenger on board the train, Cynthia Rambert, told NBC Chicago: "The train stopped to let the people off and that's when we saw the sparks come flying."

But, the Chicago Transit Authority clarified that the lightning was not to blame for the derailment.

Instead, the train's derailment was likely caused by the debris which flew onto the track from the storm.

Meteorologist Mike Hamernik said the wind speed soared to 73 miles per hours during the storm, bringing down dozens of trees around the city.

The relentless work of the Chicago emergency services meant the transport system was back up and running by Monday morning.

However, workers are still working to remove debris from the station entrance canopy.

The storms came following a heatwave in the city after temperatures reached over 100°F.