caught beating woman
Earlier this week, the Free Thought Project reported on the story of Officer Akinyemi Borisade who was caught on surveillance footage beating Mayra Martinez — while she was in handcuffs. The surveillance footage of the incident was brutal, but on Sunday, the department released dashcam footage of the arrest which shows an even more violent scene.

Martinez, 31, had a bad first day on the job at the local Scores Bar in Jacksonville. That afternoon, she became intoxicated, quit, and refused to leave, so police were called. When police arrived at the bar around 5 p.m., they arrested Martinez and charged her with trespassing and resisting.

According to the police report, Martinez was drunk and belligerent when two officers showed up to remove her from the property. When police tried to place her in handcuffs, Martinez tried to kick and bite officers, according to the report.

To deal with the unruly woman who was half their size, two officers, one of them Borisade, threw the intoxicated Martinez to the ground. In the video, Borisade is seen dropping fist after fist into the back, head and face of Martinez. He also slams the woman's face into the concrete repeatedly.

Borisade's assault could have possibly been spun as appropriate force had he not lost it when bringing Martinez to jail.

Video released by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office shows Martinez attempt to walk over to the officers before Borisade grabs her and slams her into the wall.

After being slammed into the wall by the officer, Borisade proceeded to unleash a fury of fists to the head and face of Martinez after her foot grazed his pant leg.

"He could have turned her around and held her in a transporting position that they are trained in back over to the location to wait by the door," Undersheriff Pat Ivey said after watching the video. "He could have stood there with her, but there was no need to strike her."

Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams spoke at a press conference on Friday, about the open investigation concerning the incident.

Williams said that both videos were troubling and a cause for concern, reports First Coast News. "We don't tolerate that type of activity. We have set that bar for professionalism, we're working hard to make sure that we all maintain that," he said.

Equally as disturbing as watching a cop pummel a handcuffed woman was the fact that the other officers stood by and allowed it to happen.

There is a duty to report a crime that is seen, said Williams in a press conference and JSO is working to find out who are the officers who can be seen standing around in the jail video, seemingly not stopping the officer as he repeatedly strikes Martinez.

Williams said that officers have a duty to not only report the crime they witnessed but also to step in and stop it. That did not happen.

However, considering the fact the sheriff's department hired Borisade in the first place, in spite of his criminal record, it is no wonder the officers did not step in.

Before Borisade went to work for the JSO, he was arrested by them, twice. In 2008, he was arrested for petty theft after trying to steal from a Belk on the Arlington Expressway, reports First Coast News. In 2011, an incident report from JSO asserts that he busted out a woman's rear window on her car.

Since neither of the incidents were felonies, the JSO had no problem hiring a criminal to enforce the law.

Since the video was released, Borisade has been fired and reportedly charged with simple battery — another misdemeanor. He will likely be able to get a job as a cop at another department, even if he's found guilty.